Ashley Walker About

I'm a children's book writer, and here's my confession:

I didn't read much as a kid. Instead, I climbed trees, chased butterflies and dreamed of flying to the moon. Unlike most children, I pursued the ambition of becoming an astronaut through college. But at the end of my undergraduate work—as I squinted up at my engineering degree—I saw that I'd become too near-sighted to pilot a ship to far-flung places. So, I flew (coach) to grad school and began a career in robotics, determined to launch something, if not myself.

I soon discovered I could explore new places and perspectives right there in the lab. As a doctoral researcher in Artificial Intelligence, I modeled the active sonar sensing of tone-emitting bats, the role of song in humpback whale migration, and other ingenious biological strategies. So began my fascination with sound, perception, and biomimicry.

I pursued these interests by writing code and (later) writing narratives—both fiction and nonfiction. In my current work as a children's book author, I'm active in the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Vermont College of Fine Arts alum community, and Highlights Foundation community. I support educational programs through Girl Scouts of America, Blood Moon Orchestra, The Young Inklings Society, and We Need Diverse Books. My biography collection for the Chicago Review Press Women of Power series is out now.