Ashley Walker About

"I'm a children's book writer, and here's my confession:

I didn't read much as a kid. Instead, I climbed trees and chased butterflies and dreamed of flying to the moon. Unlike most children, I pursued the ambition of becoming an astronaut through college. But at the end of my undergraduate work—as I squinted up at my engineering degree—I discovered that I'd become too near-sighted to pilot a ship to far-flung places.  So, I flew (coach) to grad school and began a career in robotics, determined to launch something, if not myself.

But I soon discovered unexplored worlds all around me—right there in a lab on Earth. And as a roboticist, I could do more than simply observe these new places—I could experience them. Imagine virtually peering through a fly's compound eye or listening with a frog's tympanum, steering around an Old World forest using bat sonar or following the haunting song of a humpback whale across his ocean migration.

So began my life's fascination with perception. I've pursued this interest through writing code and writing narratives with strong scientific themes. I hope that my work will inspire young people to find their place in the natural world... and protect it."