Ashley Walker About

I'm a children's book writer, and here's my confession:

I didn't read much as a kid. Instead, I climbed trees, chased butterflies and dreamed of flying to the moon. Unlike most children, I pursued the ambition of becoming an astronaut through college. But at the end of my undergraduate work—as I squinted up at my engineering degree—I saw that I'd become too near-sighted to pilot a ship to far-flung places.  So, I flew (coach) to grad school and began a career in robotics, determined to launch something, if not myself.

I soon discovered unexplored worlds all around me—right there in a lab on Earth. Imagine steering around a forest using biosonar or following the song of a humpback whale across his ocean migration. And as a roboticist, I could observe new places and emulate different perspectives via biomimicry.

So began my life's fascination with perception. I've pursued this interest by writing code and writing narratives (fiction and nonfiction) with strong scientific themes. I hope my work will inspire young people to find their place in the natural world and protect it.