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Music Mavens: 15 Women of Note in the Industry

Music Mavens transports readers around the world (and beyond)—to a jazz performance in Genoa, an instrument lab in London, a Tokyo taiko dojo, a New York City beatbox battle, and a film scoring session aboard the Starship Enterprise, to name a few. Along the way, it spotlights artists whose work spans musical genres and industry roles, including composing and songwriting, performing and conducting, audio engineering, producing, and rock photography. In Music Mavens, extraordinary women reveal how they turned their passions into platforms and how they use their positions to uplift others.

Praise for Music Mavens: 15 Women of Note in the Industry

“An antidote to the erasure that can limit young people’s conceptions of what is possible … and expand the world of music.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Overall effect is a rich and inspiring mix of talent and career directions…high-interest volume with educational value.” —Booklist

A terrific surprise—nonfiction that reads like a page-turner.” —Kirby Larson, Newbery Honor winner and New York Times bestselling author

“Role models for young people are vital. Music Mavens takes inspiring role models and blends their triumphs and challenges into pathways that set a musically interested young person on their journey with a sense of hope—and some very pragmatic life lessons along the way.” —Mitch Glickman, Symphonic Jazz Orchestra

“What an amazing resource for young people of any identifying gender to learn about the pathways and possibilities of the music industry. All aspects of the industry are embodied in these stories, revealing the nuance of the craft, reaching beyond the stories of fame we too often hear about in mainstream media. Youth can read one chapter or the whole book and be inspired and educated.” —Jennifer Carroll, Inner-City Arts


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